Boston's Student (And Teacher) Diversity Problem: Under the Radar

November 17, 2014

This week on Under the Radar, Boston Globe columnist Farah Stockman and bilingual journalist Marcela Garcia joined Callie Crossley to look at some of the stories and perspectives you may have missed this week. Listen to the full segment above. 

  • Latino and Black children are not graduating at the same rate from Boston Public Schools as white children, according to a new report
  • Boston Schools has recruited teachers of color, but they're not staying. Is it that hard to find them? "32 Boston Public Schools don't even have one black male teacher. 28 only have one black male teacher," says Stockman.
  • BU among Boston universities with the lowest numbers of Hispanic and black professors. What do universities in Boston owe to the city and the children of Boston? 
  • How have other countries dealt with school integration? What can Boston learn from them? Farah Stockman headed to Israel to take a closer look.
  • The GOP is winning more and more Hispanics
  • Just 1.3 percent of all state and national offices are held by Latinas 

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