Callie Crossley and Mike Wilkins at the WGBH studio in the Boston Public Library.

Credit: Photo by Andrea Asuaje

Jingle Bell Jukebox: Our Annual Review Of Quirky Holiday Songs

December 22, 2017

Tired of hearing "White Christmas" and "Silver Bells?" We've got the cure for an overplayed playlist! These are not the Christmas carols and holiday songs you'll hear as you're driving in your car or picking up last-minute gifts at the mall. Instead, Mike Wilkins riffles through dusty vinyl bins and online bidding sites to gather rare holiday records that are too quirky and too weird to make it into the songbook of mainstream holiday tunes, and then compiles them into a fun collection of unusual holiday songs. This is Mike's 28th year collecting holiday music, and his latest playlist, "Jingle Bell Jukebox," is sure to bring a smile, a laugh and even some head scratching to listeners of all ages.


  • Mike Wilkins, holiday-song aficionado and engineer for PRI's "The World." Listen to more of Mike's holiday playlist on his Soundcloud.

BONUS: Listen to Mike's full 2017 playlist!


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