The promotional poster for Marvel's "Black Panther"; a promotional poster for Stephen King's "IT"; a viral image of librarians from New Zealand; the Playboy Magazine logo; E!'s "Fashion Police" logo

Credit: EPK, Facebook/Invercargill City Libraries and Archives; Playboy; Twitter

Horror Movies Dominate Box Office, 'Black Panther' Reimagines Villain and More

October 27, 2017

It's pop culture week at Under the Radar! "IT," "Happy Death Day" and the latest "Saw" movie are just a few of the horror movies you can catch on the silver screen right now. What's with our country's current love affair with horror films? We take a deep-dive into this creepy genre that's raking in the big bucks. We also discuss cringe-worthy Halloween costumes, trans models making waves, movie remakes with all-female casts and the end of "Fashion Police."


  • Michael Jeffries, associate professor of American studies at Wellesley College. Follow Michael on Twitter.
  • Rachel Rubin, professor of American studies at University of Massachusetts Boston.

BONUS: Check out the trailers, clips and photos of some of the stories we discussed in this week's roundtable!


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