Marijuana became legalized today in Massachusetts

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BPR 12/:15 Full Show Post

December 15, 2016
  • Marijuana became legal to smoke, grow, and own today in Massachusetts. We opened the lines to hear your thoughts on this milestone and if you will partake in the now-legal drug. 
  • The head of the conservative group, Take Back Our Republic, John Pudner joined us to talk about campaign finance reform. 
  • Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans gave his thoughts on legalized marijuana and took your calls on another edition of  Ask The Commissioner. 
  • Former Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral was on hand to discuss wrongful convictions.
  • We went to the phones and asked, how did you tell your kids there was no Santa Claus?
  • The founder of the Boston Wine School Jonathon Alsop told us about the best wines to drink this holiday system. 

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