Worcester Police Headquarters

Credit: Worcester Police Department

Worcester Police Officer Indicted On Assault & Battery Charge

September 22, 2015

A Massachusetts police officer charged with assaulting a handcuffed prisoner has been indicted on an assault and battery charge.

The state attorney's general office said Monday that Worcester Officer Michael Motyka will be arraigned in Superior Court at a later date. He previously pleaded not guilty at his district court arraignment and is free on personal recognizance.

The indictment did not include a civil rights charge, which he had faced in district court. Motyka is white and the prisoner was black.

The 17-year police veteran is charged with assaulting and kicking the handcuffed prisoner at the police department on Dec. 1 and making a racially disparaging remark. Motyka is on paid leave.

Motyka's lawyer has previously said his client's actions may be related to PTSD after nine years in the military.

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