The Whimsical Women of Walpole visit WGBH.

Credit: Cheryl Willoughby / WGBH

The Whimsical Women of Walpole: Who Knew?

April 3, 2013

Walking back to the WGBH Newsroom this afternoon, I stumbled upon some visitors adorning red hats and purple outfits.

There were a slew of them full of smiles and happy to show off their outfits. Even though they are members of the Red Hat Society, a social organization for those over fifty, they call themselves the “Whimsical Women of Walpole” and are into their ninth year as an organization.

They told me they have a Queen and the rest of them are princesses. They had just toured WGBH and said they love our programs.

My encounter with these delightful women brought a smile to my face ... until I looked down and saw what a drab, boring outfit I was wearing.

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