How small of an apartment or condominium would you be willing to live in?

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What's The Tiniest Apartment You Could Live In?

July 26, 2013

  Nobody would accuse Mayor Menino's administration of going quietly into the night. While twelve candidates vie to replace Menino, his operatives are at work planning living spaces to attract young talent to the area. The Mayor's pushing for construction of micro-sized units of housing — as small as 450 square feet — within 1 mile of transit stops. Jim and Margery asked callers if they'd be willing to hunker down in one-room dwellings, or if they're currently giving it a shot.

Could diminutive domiciles provide the key that unlocks a youthful rush into Boston? Besides college, have you ever lived in something so small? Willing to give it a shot? Tweet us your answer, comment on Facebook, or leave a thought in the comments below.

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