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What Do You Know About Boston's Parking?

July 10, 2013

On July 8th, Boston Public Radio discussed a potential policy in Boston that would stop the construction of new parking spaces in Boston. According to the city’s Transportation Commissioner Thomas Timlin, there are an estimated 134,000 off-street spaces in Boston, and 61,000 active on-street parking permits.

So, what makes a parking spot on-or off-street?

We called Tracy Ganiatsos of the City of Boston Transportation Department to find out what the difference is.

According to Ganiatsos, the difference between off-street and on-street is that off-street parking is in a parking lot, garage, and even a driveway. On-street parking then means parking at spots with a meter or on the street.

The city's transportation department doesn't generate parking data itself. Ganiatsos said the department gets its data from various sources, such as state agencies, the Registry of Motor Vehicles and Boston parking studies.

The new BRA policy was created to appeal to the younger Bostonians who take public transportation. Right now Boston drivers are still trying to find space for their cars. City officials hope that the policy will encourage residents to drive less.

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