The Week In Review: The Marathon Bombing Anniversary

April 18, 2014

Welcome to the WGBH News Week in Review, where the majority of our attention has been focused on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, and on the upcoming marathon on Monday.

• First off, we revisited a piece in which our planning editor, Azita Ghahramani, recalls being at the finish line with her family when the bombs went off.

• The Takeaway's Liz Ross profiled the Tufts University marathon team, and Coach Don, the man who would greet them at the finish line — except heightened security will prevent that this year.

• Adam Reilly was in Copley Square during the marathon bombing memorial this week, and wrote about the reflection, and the business-as-usual, he saw there.

• Emily Rooney explained her recent epiphany regarding the marathon — which, as a downtown resident, she had previously viewed as a hassle.

• Anne Mostue profiled Dianne Bacsik, who was stopped at mile 21 last year, but wants to finish this year's marathon to honor her late mother.

• Watertown artists have commemorated the post-marathon-bombing manhunt, and its controversial lockdown of the area, with a series called "Shelter in Plates."

• Meanwhile, Ted Canova reflected on some other tragedies he's covered, and the draining effect they have on the public's confidence in the institutions that protect us.

• In non-marathon coverage this week, Mostue visited a Financial District bar where a Super PAC was throwing a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's as-yet-nonexistent 2016 presidential campaign.

• On Campus' Kirk Carapezza and Mallory Noe-Payne examine the recent changes to the SAT test — you can try answering some of the questions for yourself.

• And, lastly, an Ohio State University study involving voodoo dolls proved that hunger can make you angry, or "hangry," at your significant other.

Have a good — maybe long — weekend. We'll see you on Marathon Monday.

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