Tsarnaev's Fate In Hands Of The Jury, Boston 2024 Leadership Shuffle & Pops Conductor Keith Lockhart

May 13, 2015

The fate of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is now in the hands of a jury. WGBH News' Adam Reilly (@reillyadamand Emily Rooney (@EmilyRooneyWGBH) share the final words spoken in court before the jury was sent off to decide whether Tsarnaev should live or die. 

Who’s really in charge of Boston 2024? And what is this trade bill that has Elizabeth Warren and President Obama on opposing sides? WGBH News contributor and newly-named member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council in D.C., Juliette Kayyem (@juliettekayyem), former Social Security Commissioner under President Bush, Michael Astrue, and Boston Globe Business Columnist Shirley Leung (@leung) form our nightly caucus to discuss these issues. And here is the explanation we promised of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement at the center of the Senate debate. 

Keith Lockhart (@KeithLockhart) is celebrating 20 years as the conductor of the Boston Pops orchestra. He joins Jim Braude (@jimbraude) to discuss the milestone in his career and to take a little walk down memory lane. 

Tonight's show included a special message to Boston sports fans from WGBH News' Adam Reilly. Unfortunately, due to rights restrictions, this message could not be posted online. But the full text is below:


Boston, we need to to have a talk. It’s… about Deflategate.

I know you think it’s an OUTRAGE! — driven by JEALOUSY of the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady. Everyone bends the rules, you say, and any league that suspends Brady twice as long as domestic abuser Ray Rice has its priorities all wrong.

All points worth pondering. But there’s something bigger going on here. Deflategate is payback, my friends. It’s punishment from the sports gods for the sins of Boston’s fans.

Flash back to the 20th century, when Boston sports had a dependable equilibrium. The Red Sox couldn’t win the big one. The Celtics could, and did, repeatedly. The Bruins had their moments, too. But the Patriots were pretty much an afterthought.

Then, in the early aughts, everything changed. Aided by some...generous officiating, the Patriots won their first Super Bowl, then another, and another. The Red Sox reversed their curse with a vengeance and won three world series in nine years. And for good measure, the Celtics and Bruins each nabbed a title of their own.

And how did Boston fans respond? At first, you celebrated. Your joy was pure. But then you got smug—taking this incredible run of good fortune as proof of your own inherent superiority. 

What’s more, you started taking triumph for granted. You expected championships. Anything less than dominance became unacceptable. And so it was that last year, after a rough start to the season, you called for the ouster of Tom Brady, who’s probably the greatest athlete in Boston’s history.

And that, almost certainly, is when the sports gods said: enough. Yes, there was one more Super Bowl win. But thanks to Deflategate, it comes with a big, fat asterisk. So does Brady’s stellar career. And after more than a decade of surreal success, Boston fans are suffering again, big time. Blaming Roger Goodell is easy — but he’s not the one who grew arrogant and ungrateful as the victories piled up. That would be you. Deflategate is the sports gods’ way of saying they noticed. And they’re not amused.

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