Summer Camp's Not What It Used To Be

August 1, 2013

  Cell phones, laptops, camp blogs and helicopter parents — we're in a new era of summer camps. Campers are balancing busier schedules infused with the latest technology to keep them connected to friends and family. Jim and Margery asked callers if kids need a vacation from the rigors of summer camp. What do you make of summer camp for kids? Leave a comment below, Tweet us, or comment on Facebook.

Also on BPR:

  • Florida law enforcement has declined to investigate the killing of Ibragim Todashev by the FBI. Jim and Margery asked why Massachusetts has declined to investigate as well. Todashev was being questioned about his connection with a Boston Marathon bombing suspect.
  • Innovation Hub's Kara Miller joined Jim and Margery.
  • Could you use a little polish in job interviews? What if a software program could give you feedback on how you present yourself on first dates? Jim and Margery talked with M. Ehsan Hoque an MIT researcher, about his "conversation coach."
  • Christopher Lydon analyzed 11 of the 12 candidates for Boston mayor, one day after they appeared on BPR.

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