Strict Security for Pope

September 16, 2015

Pope Francis will be making his first trip to the U.S. on September 22nd.  During his visit, the Pope will travel to Washington D.C., New York, and Philadelphia. Like with any major international figurehead, security is a major concern.

Homeland security expert Juliette Kayyem joined Jim and Margery to discuss the pressure and the enormity of the Pope’s security details.

  “This is about as big, as what we call in my world, a national special security event,” Kayyem said. “ It has multiple venues which are unique. I think he has 22 public addresses in some form or another.”

Kayyem went on to explain that the Pope’s dislike of security and his propensity for public accessibility will make protecting him even harder. The Pope is considered a head of state, which means the Secret Service will be in charge of his safety. According to Kayyem, they have already briefed the Pope on their safety concerns.

“The consequences of anything happening to the Pope in the United States is so great it’s going to be security theatre,” said Kayyem.

“In this instance a fly passes him by and that fly is going to be ak-47ed out.”

Listen to more from Homeland security expert Juliette kayyem by clicking on the link above.

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