Mass. Treasurer Steve Grossman joined Jim and Margery Tuesday on Boston Public Radio.

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Steve Grossman On Why He's Different From Coakley And Baker

June 10, 2014

Massachusetts state treasurer Steve Grossman stopped by Studio Three for another interview with Jim Braude and Margery Eagan. Grossman talked about why he stands apart from his Democrat counterparts in the governor's race, and his prospects ahead of the Democratic convention in Worcester.

Grossman heads into the convention with a presumed advantage in delegates. A new poll out Monday, however, shows the candidate trailing well behind fellow Democrat and Massachusetts Attorney General, Martha Coakley.

Here are excerpts from Treas. Grossman's interview on BPR.

  • How he's different from Attorney General Coakley: I'm a progressive job-creator. [A.G.] Martha Coakley is a prosecutor. Let the people decide: do they want a job creator, or a prosecutor, as their next governor? It's pretty simple.
  • On GOP candidate Charlie Baker: When you say, Let's not index the gas tax to inflation, you're going to lose a billion dollars in fully-funding our transportation package. I would want to know, (...) Where are you going to get the billion dollars? Because it's not leadership to say to the people of the state, I want to do all these things without showing them where you're going to get the money to pay for them.
  • Why he'd give Gov. Patrick a grade of a B+ for leadership: He has put us on a path of recovery faster than most states, yet at the same time we've had some serious management failures. (...) He's got to take responsibility.
  • On using Mass. Lottery money to fund state projects: We rely on the Lottery for a billion dollars of the $23 billion [in taxes] we collect. It is a moral issue as well as an economic issue.
  • Would he repeal the Massachusetts casino law, if it makes it to the ballot? I'll vote not to repeal it.
  • Good advice he's received: My father used to say, Steve, you were born with one mouth and two ears. Be a better listener than talker.

Martha Coakley joins Boston Public Radio on Wednesday. 

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