U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch

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Stephen Lynch Prepared for Senate race, Decision Next Week

January 25, 2013

A spokesman for U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch signaled to WGBH News that Lynch is ready for a Senate run after conflicting reports emerged of an imminent announcement next week.

The spokesperson, Scott Ferson, made cagey remarks in an interview Friday afternoon, indicating that a decision either way would have to come next week.

“He's doing everything that one would do in preparation to run for United States senate and he's been doing that for a while,” Ferson said. “Next week he has two really good sized fundraisers scheduled. He's been running through calls and talking with people. He's been getting a lot of encouragement to run and he's heartened by that, and yet he knows that Sen. Kerry is going to be confirmed next week, and if he's going to make a final decision on doing so, he will have to do so next week.”

Ferson said Lynch thinks that, as a more moderate Democrat, he lines up as a better opponent against former U.S. Sen. Brown in a general election.

“He's in the fortunate position in terms of the mechanics of the race,” Ferson said. “He has $750,000 in his campaign coffers, not including the two fundraisers scheduled for next week, so he's not going to have, nor does he have, an expectation that he would have as much money as is going to be available to Congressman Markey, but he is certainly going to have enough money to mount a credible challenge should he decide to do so.”

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