Should we try minors as adults? A murder case in Danvers will test the public appetite for prosecution of those under 18.

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Should We Try 14-Year-Olds As Adults?

October 24, 2013

Colleen Ritzer, a Danvers math teacher, was found dead this week in a wooded area near Danvers High School. Ritzer was 24 years old, and her death was suspicious. On Wednesday, a 14-year-old Danvers high school student was arrested and held on charges of murder in Ritzer's death.

Jim Braude and Sue O'Connell — filling in for Margery Eagan — asked callers whether it was appropriate the 14-year-old be tried as an adult. How young is too young? When does a heinous crime warrant stricter legal action? If trying the defendant as an adult is a step too far, what should be done instead?

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