Credit: The Scott Expedition

Retracing Steps Across Antarctica Taken More Than A Century Ago

November 21, 2013

In 1910, after centuries of exploration, just one place on earth remained unseen by European eyes.  That year, British Captain Robert Scott set out to change that, embarking on an expedition to Antarctica, with the goal of being the first person to reach the South Pole. He wasn’t – Norway’s Roald Amundsen beat him there by five weeks, and the Scott party perished trying to make it home.

Now, two modern day explorers, Ben Saunders and Tarka L'Herpiniere, are attempting to do what Scott couldn’t by retracing Scott’s 1,800-mile journey on foot, doing science, and making it back alive.

British explorer Ben Saunders and his teammate Tarka L’Herpiniere are recreating Captain Robert Scott’s fatal 1911-1912 expedition to the South Pole.
Photo Credit: The Scott Expedition


  • WGBH News science editor Heather Goldstone.

You can track the progress of the Scott Expedition online.

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