Repealed Tech Tax Provides Fodder For Political Sniping

September 26, 2013

The Massachusetts Senate voted unanimously to repeal the controversial tax on software services just two months after it was adopted. The House voted to repeal the tax Wednesday.

The debate provided a chance for Republicans to gloat. They didn’t want to pass the tech tax in the first place.

"Madame President, today is correction’s day," said Senate Republican leader Bruce Tarr of Gloucester. "We can correct this mistake of trying to impose a tax on our innovation economy, trying to impose a tax on one of the most promising sectors as we seek to recover from a recession.”

Tarr’s message? The Republicans were right, and the Democrats were wrong.

Democrat Steven Brewer of Barre, the Senate Ways and Means Chairman, said even a broken clock is right twice a day.

He then recited newspaper headlines about positive economic developments in the state.

"I know the party in opposition would like to make sure that everything is really bad so they can get to the corner office," Brewer said.

The tax was part of a major transportation funding bill.

The repeal, which leaves a $160 million hole in the bill — now heads to the governor's desk.

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