Renovate For Recovery Transforms Homes Of Marathon Victims

April 2, 2014

We’ve seen remarkable stories of recovery play out in the year since the Boston Marathon bombings. Many of the victims who lost legs are up and walking, and last month we even saw one dance again.

What we have not seen is how simple tasks like flipping on a light switch or climbing stairs present real challenges to those injured in the blasts. Now, the state-run Boston Survivors Accessibility Alliance is teaming up with volunteers, including the crew from "Ask This Old House," to make renovations to seven homes, including that of Karen Rand.  She was waiting at the finish line with her friend, Krystle Campbell, when the bombs went off. Campbell was one of three people killed, and Rand lost part of her left leg.


  • Michael McHugh is a project manager at Davis Square Architects. He’s making changes to her porch, bathroom and kitchen.  
  • Thomas Gatzunis is the commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety.

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