Mayor Menino's doctors offered an update Monday on the longtime mayor's condition. Menino has been hospitalized for over a month.

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Politics As Usual — 11.26.12

November 26, 2012

While everyone packed in the traditional "three f's" for the holidays — food, family and football — and added some retail therapy for good measure, big things were afoot in the Middle East. Israel and Gaza agreed to stop shelling each other, and in a surprising turn Ehud Barak — Israeli defense minister — announced today he'll step down soon amid tensions.

Closer to home, the only tension is Congress's self-inflicted budget dilemma. Now both parties are talking compromise, Republicans are talking about ignoring the famous no-tax Norquist Pledge, and the rest of us just want a resolution so we can stop talking about it.

And in Boston, questions persist regarding Mayor Menino's health, lo these many weeks of hospitalization.


  • Charles Chieppo, principal at Chieppo Strategies.
  • Kevin Cullen, Boston Globe columnist.

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