Benjamin Evett, left, plays King Arthur; and Dashiell Evett, right, plays Tom of Warwick, in the New Repertory Theatre's production of "Camelot."

Credit: Courtesy of New Repertory Theatre

New Repertory Theatre Conjures Camelot

November 26, 2013

With the recent 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, there’s also been a lot of discussion about the myth of Camelot: how the legendary tales of King Arthur became a metaphor for the Kennedy era.  Now New Repertory Theatre is reacquainting us with the classic Camelot musical.


  • WGBH News arts editor Jared Bowen, who attended the opening.
  • Boston University professor Thomas Whalen, who participated in a panel discussion this week on the legacy of JFK.

See "Camelot" at the New Repertory Theatre through Dec. 22.

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