Snowy owl outrage- New York airports take a cue from Logan on a snowy owl solution.

Credit: Wikimedia

Logan Shows NY Airports Snowy Owl Solution

December 11, 2013

This week  New Englanders were dumbfounded to learn the way the New York Port Authority deals with pesky snowy owls is to shoot them.

Snowy owls like to roost on vast stretches of frozen tundra- making airport fields the perfect spot. So after a couple of the birds flew into airplanes at New York area airports officials ordered staff to shoot on sight. After a huge outcry from the Audubon Society and birders, though – New York has wised up – taking a cue from how Logan handles the issue.

Mass Audubon Society president Henry Tepper joined Greater Boston to discuss why we are seeing such an influx of these beautiful birds.

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