In Launching Second Gubernatorial Run, Charlie Baker Takes New Tack

September 4, 2013

In 2010, when Charlie Baker ran for governor for the first time, his campaign slogan was "Had enough?" Baker tried to tap into voter anger about scandals on Beacon Hill and the economy.

This time, he tries to show his softer side. The video is shot in his backyard. He talks about his wife Lauren and their three kids.

"I care about our community, where we've raised our family, and being a good son and brother," Baker says in the ad. "And as corny as that may sound, that's exactly why I want to be your governor."

For its part, the Massachusetts Democratic Party put out a video of its own. It resurrects the same attacks used to defeat Baker in 2010. The video consists of old footage of news programs reporting on Baker's role in overseeing financing of the Big Dig.

"An old memo the associated press has dug up could mean trouble for Massachusetts candidate for governor Charlie Baker," the ad says.

Baker has downplayed his influence on the Big Dig, saying he was just one of many people involved in the project.

He is the first Republican to enter the 2014 race for governor.

Watch the videos:

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