Late-Night MBTA & The Evil Sound Of The Green Monster: The Week In Review

April 4, 2014

From the brave new world of post-1 a.m. public transportation in Boston to an ascot-clad raconteur rhapsodizing from left field in 1969, this is what the week looked like from the WGBH Newsroom.

• Edgar B. Herwick III rode the late-night T so you didn't have to.

• Meanwhile, Peter Kadzis dug this 1969 Jean Shepherd commentary about, and from, Fenway Park from the WGBH archives.

• Greater Boston turned its focus on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, with Adam Reilly reporting on the different responses produced by the bombing and inner-city shootings. Anne Mostue checked in on a bombing survivor whose house is being renovated to help her adjust to life with a prosthetic leg. Greater Boston talked to Paul and J.P. Norden, brothers from Stoneham who both lost their right legs in the Marathon bombing.

• Cristina Quinn tested out some make-money-while-you-shop apps at the supermarket up the street from the WGBH newsroom.

• Jared Bowen explored the blurred lines between real works of art and the underbelly of very realistic forgeries.

• The Scrum noted Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's assertive strategy on the proposed Everett and Revere casinos, and the issue of domestic violence's role in the Massachusetts gubernatorial race.

• Ibby Caputo looked into the crisis of antibiotic resistance, and found that the germs are winning.

• Greater Boston delved into whether or not college athletes should be paid for their efforts after the National Labor Relations Board decided that Northwestern University’s football players are school employees and eligible to unionize.

• Comedian Hari Kondabolu dropped by Boston Public Radio.

• Mostue attended the funeral procession for Boston Fire Department Lt. Edward Walsh, who died in the Back Bay blaze. Emily Rooney, meanwhile, recalled a chance encounter she had last year with Firefighter Michael Kennedy, who also died in the fire.

• The Forum Network's Alison Bruzek, with Boston Public Radio's Amanda McGowan, got a lesson in Boston's musical history from Yo-Yo Ma to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch at a quiz show at the Old South Meeting House.

That'll do it for this week — have a good weekend.

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