President Obama delivers a speech on immigration at Del Sol High School in Las Vegas in November 2014.

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Juliette Kayyem On Appeals Court Immigration Decision: 'This Is Outrageous'

May 27, 2015

Yesterday, a federal appeals court upheld a hold on President Obama's executive action to delay deportation for millions of undocumented immigrants. Juliette Kayyem, homeland security expert and host of the podcast "Security Mom," joined Boston Public Radio to explain how this will change the fight for immigration reform moving forward.

"Here's the good news for those worried about that: the president controls immigration and customs enforcement. He can back bench it, he can back burn it and say we're not going to start deporting those people," she said.

"There will be an en banc, meaning all the judges in the Fifth Circuit will hear it, the U.S. is going to lose, the DREAMers are going to lose, and this is going straight to the Supreme Court on whether the executive order action is valid," she explained.

That, however, is assuming that the U.S. will appeal, which is not a foregone conclusion at this point.

"They've been very, very quiet on their response to this decision," said Kayyem, citing concerns that the case would ultimately lose in the Supreme Court and undermine the president.

"If I hadn't made it clear, sorry—this is outrageous," she said. 

To hear more from homeland security expert Juliette Kayyem, tune in to Boston Public Radio above. To check out the Security Mom podcast, click here.

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