Innovation Hub of 8/25/12: Ethics in the Workplace. Reimagine the City

August 23, 2012

Here's the lineup for the show this week. 

Ethics in the Workplace

We all know stories of people acting unethically in their business dealings.

Take, for example, Enron, a multibillion dollar energy company that spectacularly failed in 2001 and inspired the documentary "The Smartest Guys in the Room."

But, of course, ethical lapses did not end with Enron. There have been a slew of bank and investment banking scandals since - most recently Barclay's, which has been accused of - and fined for - manipulating lending rates.

So how do we - consciously or unconsciously - slip from ethical to unethical?

To answer that question, I'm joined by three people who have looked at ethics and morality in the workplace.


  • Iris Bohnet, Academic Dean and Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

Reimagine the City

How would they look different if we were trying to reduce our carbon footprint? What if we were able to disassemble and reuse the beams and concrete in large buildings, instead of taking a wrecking ball to them?

My three guests have done just that sort of reimagining - and their ongoing work may help us all figure out exactly how you go about creating a greener city.


  • Katie Swenson, Vice President of Design, Enterprise Community Partners¬†
  • Jerry Hajjar, Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northeastern

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