A scene from "How We Got On," a new play from Company One.

Credit: Courtesy of Company One

'How We Got On' Fuses Coming-Of-Age Tale With Hip-Hop Beats

August 1, 2013

Company One's new play by Idris Goodwin, How We Got On, takes you back to 1988 to experience a coming-of-age tale rooted in the beats, rhythms and rhymes of hip-hop's golden era.

The play serves as a theatrical mix tape, drawing inspiration from a collection of classic tracks. It's a story about three teenagers in the Midwest finding their voice and experiencing and appreciating rap as an art form.

Company One director Summer L. Williams and actors Kadahhj Bennett and Cloteal L. Horne spoke with Greater Boston about growing up steeped in hip-hop and how they've reconciled the genre's 1980s dress, voice and culture with what it looks like today.

"How We Got On" plays through August 17 at the Boston Center for the Arts Plaza Theater.


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