Do you have battle scars from meetings that meandered, lost their purpose, got derailed or never really started in the first place? You are not alone.

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How To End Nightmarishly Boring, Time-Sucking Meetings At Work

October 16, 2013

On Tuesday, Harvard Business School professor Nancy Koehn offered Jim Braude and Margery Eagan five suggestions for better work meetings. They were as follows:

  • Use the "phone stack." Stack everybody's phones on the table in the the front of the room. (Smartphones are our "illicit lovers," according to Koehn.)
  • Serve food and beverages. People need to eat and to be refreshed.
  • Start and end on time.
  • Consider not having a meeting at all. Would a drop-by or a phone call suffice? Also, choose your meeting participants carefully, as you would guests for a dinner party. Is every  person necessary? Will everyone contribute?
  • Send an agenda ahead of time with only three items on it. Repeat those three items at the beginning of the meeting.

Jim and Margery asked listeners what they thought of the suggestions, then opened up the lines to hear their horror stories about what Koehn called "the great white-collar crime" — meetings.

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