How Boston Chef Jose Duarte Defines 'Sustainable'

September 12, 2012

In the food world, there is perhaps no bigger buzz word these days than “sustainability.” And while it might be something that a lot of people are talking about, few are taking the kind of serious action action that local Chef Jose Duarte is.

At his North End restaurant, Taranta, he has reduced garbage production to 1% by composting, recycling, and buying local. And that is just the start. His own stringent definition of “sustainability” also includes economic goals, social considerations, and a commitment to empowering his customers by using technology to better connect them with their food.

Chef Duarte joins Callie Crossley to discuss Peruvian flavoring, the trials and rewards of restaurant ownership and why sustainability means so much to him.

Jose Duarte, Chef/owner of Taranta

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