Gay marriage supporters on the steps of the Supreme Court. The Court handed down historic rulings on Wednesday.

Credit: (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

High Court Rules On Same-Sex Marriage, Aaron Hernandez Arrested, Rep. Markey Beats Gabriel Gomez

June 26, 2013
  • Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley called to voice her support for the Supreme Court's decision.
  • Harvard Law Professor Noah Feldman talked to Jim and Margery about what the Supreme Court's decisions on DOMA and Proposition 8 mean for same-sex marriage.
  • Dan Payne and Todd Domkey did post-game analysis of the US Senate special election.
  • Jim and Margery opened the lines for reactions on the rulings by the Supreme Court.
  • Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory was the guest for Open Mic.
  • Film critic Garen Daly rounded up the best movies about summer, including "Dirty Dancing," "Meatballs" and "Vacation." What are your favorite films about the sweet months? Let us know on the BPR Facebook page.

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