The Beach Boys, one of many old-time bands still popular across generations.

Credit: WGBH

Greater Boston Video: Old Time Rock and Roll

July 11, 2013

They strut, they strum, and they can still rock and roll in their seventies. Boston has seen a stream of concerts from aging musicians, but what's more remarkable is the seemingly ageless appeal of their music. 

The Who, The Beatles, The Beachboys, Tom Jones, and let's not forget the Stones, providing satisfaction for decades, from the 1960s onward. Sir Paul McCartney and his band ran right through Fenway Park on July 10. The 71-year-old played to a sell-out crowd, and less than a month before that, the Rolling Stones came rocking and rolling through the TD Garden. Fans didn't seem to care that Mick and his mates were on the cusp of 70. 

So when will that Led Zepplin tour finally happen? Now that would be a hot ticket. 

Erin Amar, the editor of, joined Emily Rooney to talk about artists reuniting, their appeal to every generation and which bands have aged well. 

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