Gov. Patrick On Market Basket, Immigrant Kids, Hillary Clinton

July 24, 2014

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick joined Boston Public Radio hosts Jim Braude and Margery Eagan for his monthly "Ask the Governor" segment on Thursday. Full audio above. Time codes below. 

00:04:25: "Nobody has proposed bringing these undocumented children into Massachusetts neighborhoods. We talked about a temporary facility that is secure (...) there ought to be a human and appropriate setting for them to wait while that's being done." 

00:06:00: On Mass.  facilities for immigrant children "We're not going to run it! We aren't saying we will run something, and you will pay for it." 

00:16:15- 00:19:20: On Market Basket: "It's a pretty dysfunctional family, and that's not going to be solved by this governor or any other governor intervening." 

00:21:30ish: New legislation would tighten gun control laws further in Mass. 

00:24:30: The next riveting chapter in solar power 

00:25:45: Making a "compelling, practical" case for the Olympics in Boston

00:029:30: "I'd probably vote against it."- on marijuana legalization; Patrick says he never smoked pot when he was a scholar at Harvard. He said he had his vices but they weren't beer or marijuana

00:31:02: On DeLeo, probation trial.

00:46:00: On Hillary Clinton: "There is an air of inevitability around her candidacy and the worry about that is that that can be interpreted by people as entitlement, and that's off-putting to folks. I think folks want you to sweat for it." 

00:54:20: "Most people don't hear me to be saying that the violence in Central America is the same as the Holocaust."

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