Debating the #MAStateSong, talking with CNN's John King, and Open Mic with Charlie Baker.

Full Show: Talking to CNN's John King, Open Mic with Charlie Baker, and Debating the #MAStateSong

March 5, 2013

Segment 1: CNN's John King stops by to talk politics and give his two cents on the Massachusetts state rock song.

Segment 2: Massachusetts Gaming Commissioner Stephen Crosby stops by Studio 3 to talk about the casino licensing process.

Segment 3:  What about holding the 2024 Olympics right here in Boston? State Sen. Eileen Donaghue talked about the likelihood of bringing the greatest athletic spectacle to New England.

Segment 4: Today's "Open Mic" guest was Charlie Baker, former candidate for governor in Massachusetts.

Segment 5: In California, a nurse called 911 to report an elderly patient in distress at a senior living facility. The nurse refused to perform CPR on the patient, as per the facility's policy. Jim and Margery opened the lines to talk about this policy, and what might have been done different — if anything.

Segment 6: What should the next Massachusetts State Song? Competition is fierce between the Modern Lovers' Roadrunner and Aerosmith's Dream On. What song would you nominate? State Sen. Robert Hedlund helped kick things off, and Edgar B. Herwick III dropped in on BPR to talk about the battle. Leave your song suggestions in the comments below!

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