A pylon marks the space where a driver previously shoveled. Saving spaces is an old and contentious winter tradition in Boston.

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As The First Snows Fall, Boston Pulls Out The Traditional Parking Spot Savers

December 17, 2013

The snow is falling. Shovels and plows are out in full force. So that means the time-honored practice of space-saving begins once again. Fewer winter debates are more contentious. On one side are the poor car owners who invest time digging their cars out. On the other side are the poor drivers searching for spots in a parking-unfriendly Boston. Never the twain shall meet.

What do you think — should a car owner keep her spot after shoveling it out? Should there be a statute of limitations? Or should it be a free-for-all, catch-as-catch-can? Jim Braude and Margery Eagan polled listeners for a definitive answer to the conundrum.

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