Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker.

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Emerson/WGBH News Poll Shows Momentum With Charlie Baker

October 8, 2014

A new poll out this morning in the race for governor shows Charlie Baker gaining ground among likely voters, Martha Coakley being seen as less favorable, job creation as the key issue, and President Obama seen as favorable.

In the governor's race, among 500 likely voters, 45 percent say they'll vote for Charlie Baker while 39 percent would cast ballots for Martha Coakley.

The Emerson College/WGBH poll also shows in the 9th Congressional District Republican challenger John Chapman has a 5-point lead over incumbent Democrat Bill Keating.

However, when you look at who voters in the governor's race who think will win,  Baker and Coakley are in a dead heat at 42 percent., with 14 percent of likely voters undecided.

Job creation (31 percent), followed by health care (19 percent), are the most important issues in the race, according to respondents. The issues poll has a 4. 3 percent margin of error.

In the 9th Congressional District, 44 percent say they would likely vote for John Chapman with 39 percent voting for Bill Keating, but when asked who they think will win, Keating, the democratic incumbent, handily won with 47 percent to Chapman's 22 percent. The 9th District poll among 343 likely voters has a 5.25 percent margin of error.

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