Dispatches from the RNC Protest Line

August 28, 2012

This week inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum, television cameras will roll on hordes of funny-hatted delegates as they crown this year's Republican presidential and vice-presidential candidates. But while general gaiety will be the order of the hour on the Forum floor, outside Tampa police will try to contain protestors digging in and shouting their opposition.

The protestors are part of a movement — loosely affiliated with Occupy Wall Street — that has waxed and waned in the last year. The onset of two major party conventions in less than two weeks has breathed new life into the protests. Equality, financial accountability and job security may soon creep across the radars of political candidates as they jockey for fall dominance.

Today we're joined by writer Chris Faraone. He's currently in Tampa covering the protests at the Republican National Convention. His recent piece for the Phoenix is called "Officials Arm Themselves for Onslaught of Democracy."

Protestors at 2012 RNC:

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