Bulger Found Guilty Of Racketeering, Murder

August 12, 2013

After five days of deliberations, the atmosphere inside Judge Denise Casper’s courtroom was incredibly tense Monday afternoon as the Bulger jury filed in to read its verdict.

At first it looked like a stunning rebuke to the government: the jury said prosecutors had not proven Bulger’s role in the first six acts of murder. But, then the tide turned, and the guilty findings began piling up.

In the end, the jury linked Bulger to 11 of the 19 murders he’d been accused of – and found him guilty of 31 charges which included racketeering, extortion, and money laundering.

The outcome suggests that for some crimes the jury didn’t know whether to blame Bulger or his former partners Steven Flemmi, Kevin Weeks, and John Martorano – all of whom testified against him. But it also means Bulger, 83, will die in prison. And after a wait for justice that spanned decades – that is a major victory.

Bulger's defense lawyer, J.W. Carney, said he intends to take an appeal. 

Sentencing is scheduled for November 13. 

Below are the verdicts in each count.

Count 1: Racketeering Conspiracy: Guilty.

Count 2: Racketeering Substantive Offense: Guilty.

  • Racketeering Act 1: Conspiracy to Murder Notarangeli Group Members: Not proved
  • Racketeering Act 2: Murder of Michael Milano: Not proved.
  • Racketeering Act 3: Murder of Al Plummer: Not proved.
  • Racketeering Act 4: Murder of William O’Brien: Not proved.
  • Racketeering Act 5: Murder of James O’Toole: Not proved .
  • Racketeering Act 6: Murder of Al Notorangeli: Not proved.
  • Racketeering Act 7A: Conspiracy to Murder James Sousa: Not proved.
  • Racketeering Act 7B: Murder of James Sousa: Not proved
  • Racketeering Act 8: Murder of Paul McGonagle: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 9: Murder of Edward Connors: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 10A: Conspiracy to Murder Thomas King: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 10B: Murder of Thomas King: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 11: Murder of Francis “Buddy” Leonard: Not proved.
  • Racketeering Act 12: Murder of Richard Castucci:. Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 13A: Conspiracy to Murder Roger Wheeler: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 13B: Murder of Roger Wheeler: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 14: Murder of Debra Davis. No Finding
  • Racketeering Act 15: Murder of Brian Halloran: Proved
  • Racketeering Act 16: Murder of Michael Donahue. Proved
  • Racketeering Act 17A: Conspiracy to Murder John Callahan: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 17B: Murder of John Callahan: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 18: Murder of Arthur “Bucky” Barrett: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 19: Murder of John McIntyre: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 20: Murder of Deborah Hussey: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 21: Extortion Conspiracy: “Rent”: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act  22:  Extortion of Richard O’Brien: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 23: Extortion of Kevin Hayes: Not proved.
  • Racketeering Act 24: Extortion Conspiracy: “Fines”: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 25: Extortion of Michael Solimando: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 26: Extortion of Stephen Rakes and Julie Rakes: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 27: Extortion of Richard Bucheri: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 28: Extortion of Raymond Slinger: Not proved.
  • Racketeering Act 29: Narcotics Distribution Conspiracy: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 30: (Concealment) Money Laundering Conspiracy: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 31: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 32(A): (Concealment) Money Laundering: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 32(B) – 32(PPP): (Concealment) Money Laundering: Proved.
  • Racketeering Act 33: (Concealment or Promotion) Money Laundering (Transfer of $10,000 to John Martorano): Proved.

Count 3: Extortion Conspiracy: Rent: Guilty

Count 4: Extortion of Kevin Hayes: Not guilty.

Count 5: (Concealment) Money Laundering Conspiracy: Guilty. 

Count 6: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 7: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 8: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 9: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 10: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 11: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 12: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 13: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 14: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 15: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 16: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 17: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 18: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 19: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 20: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 21: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 22: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 23: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 24: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 25: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 26: (Concealment) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 27: (Concealment or Promotion) Money Laundering: Guilty.

Count 28: Possession of Firearms in Furtherance of Violent Crime: Guilty.

Count 29: Possession of Machineguns in Furtherance of Violent Crime: Guilty.

Count 30: Possession of Unregistered Machineguns: Guilty.

Count 31: Transfer and Possession of Machineguns: Guilty.

Count 32: Possession of Firearms with Obliterated Serial Numbers: Guilty.

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