Downton Abbey

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Breaking Down Our 'Downton Abbey' Lust

January 7, 2014

On Sunday night, more than 10 million viewers tuned in to the season premiere of  Downton Abbey

Though this British period drama is seen in nearly 100 countries, the United States has the largest share of "Downtonians" in the world.  More than 24 million Americans watched season three last year--that's  double the number of Brits who have seen all four seasons of the show.

Given the vast and varied fan base- everyone from P.Diddy to the POTUS- who tune in, what's to account for our transatlantic love affair with this show? Can Anglophilia explain our Abbeyphilia? Not on your Nelly Duff!

Harvard Business School historian Nancy Koehn says our devotion to Downton Abbey is rooted in something much deeper that a love for all things English. Today she joined us for her take on why so many Americans are hooked on Downton Abbey.

Next Time on Boston Public Radio's Open Mic: Nancy Koehn analyzes what lessons we can learn from the 1911 race to the South pole between Amundsen and Scott.

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