Overthink, Overwork, Overorganize

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Breaking Down Burnout

December 3, 2013

In 1994 Harvard President Neil L. Rudenstine took a medical leave absence for "severe fatigue and exhaustion." In 1995 he was on the cover of Newsweek magazine, with the word "EXHAUSTED" plastered across the page.  By going  public with his burnout he likely gave everyone, from chief executive officers to correctional officers, the opportunity to recognize their own burnout.

Today Nancy Koehn discussed the difference between being stressed out and burned out. She also offered some serious wisdom on how to avoid both. In short,  she says you need to have a tonic--a kind of mental salve that can protect you from your does of daily burdens.

To find out more about her take on modern living, modern working, and what she does to avoid burnout, listen here:

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