BPR: Welfare Benefits For The Dead, Obama And Christie's 'Bromance', 'Manhunt: Boston Bombers'

May 29, 2013
  • Chris Christie and President Obama hit the Jersey boardwalk together his past week. This is what bipartisan politics look like, but why is it making Democrats and Republicans cringe? 
  • Reporter Miles O'Brien looked at how technology helped track down the Tsarnaev brothers  in his new NOVA documentary 'Manhunt: Boston Bombers'. He joined Jim and Margery to talk about what he found out. Catch the doc tonight at 9PM on WGBH Ch. 2. 
  • Massachusetts' welfare agency payed millions of dollars to people who were dead or ineligible for benefits. State Auditor Suzanne Bump joined Jim and Margery to talk about what she found, and how the agency plans to prevent this from happening again. 
  • Open Mic with Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory
  • When it comes to cleanliness, where do you rate yourself? Are you a germaphobe, or a germophile? Is it possible that we've become too obsessed with cleanliness? 
  • Nationally syndicated advice columnist Margo Howard may have retired her column, but she didn't retire her knack for doling out out advice. She hopped over to the WGBH studios from her home in Cambridge and spoke with Jim and Margery. 

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