Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 20, has been charged with 30 counts, including killing four people and using weapons of mass destruction.

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BPR Talks Tsarnaev and Rallys For Spring

March 4, 2015
  • Jurors in the Tsarnaev trial heard opening statements this morning. We kick off the conversation with attorney Dan Small, asking him about what the pros and cons would be if the defense team plead guilty. Then we hear from you about what you think about the trial moving forward.
  • Brian McGrory checks in with us about Bill O'Reilly, Boston construction, and a recent Globe story about why we're experiencing Alaskan weather. [28:45]
  • Juliette Kayyem discusses the Netanyahu speech, the Nemstov assassination , DHS Funding, and Todashev's father suing FBI. >>Read more here. [53:20]
  • Angella and Danroy Henry, parents of DJ Henry discuss attending the State of the Union, their push to get a federal investigation into their son's death, and the conversations they've had with their children about interactions with the police. >>Read more here. OR >>Download our podcast here. [1:22:22]
  • Congressman Seth Moulton on using ground troops to fight ISIS, recent trip to Iraq and Afghanistan, General Petraus, Netanyahu's speech and why he attended. >>Read more here.
  • Finally, Sue O'Connell shares what Leonard Nimoy meant to LGBT community, discusses Dianne Wilkerson column on prison reform, and weighs in on the new BPS superintendent. [2:24:30]

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