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BPR: SCOTUS Update, Doctors' Disorderly Conduct In The O.R, Food On Film

May 1, 2014
  • Suffolk Law Professor Renee Landers goes over the latest cases before the Supreme Court, from police searching cell phones without warrants to the justices upholding the EPA's cross-state air pollution rule.
  • Art Caplan, Head of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU Langone Medical Center  weighs in on doctors letting loose in the operating room, how celebrities are oversimplifying and hijacking the debate about vaccinating children, and Sarah Palin conflating waterboarding and baptizing
  • Jim and Margery ask folks if they are hardwired to fight or flee when confronted with a dangerous situation. This line of questioning was inspired by an Allston woman who literally jumped into a violent situation to save a man from a brutal beating
  • Film Critic Garen Daly demonstrates our own schizophrenic relationship with food by way of two new films, the documentary Fed Up and Jon Favreau's latest, Chef. We also asked you for your favorite food films and Tom Jones was among them
A Tantalizing Feast
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