City employees may get an out of their parking tickets. Are you okay with that?

Credit: Nikki Sylianteng / via NPR

BPR: RSVPs A Parking Spot, Reckons With Race

June 15, 2015
  • With the world celebrating PRIDE this month, Charlie Sennott joins us for his take on Global gay rights, the Pope’s environmental encyclical and the Pentagon’s push to put heavy weaponry in Eastern Europe. >>Read more here.
  • Peter Kadzis and a belated Adam Reilly talk all kinds of politics. Including Hilary Clinton's bid to sell voters on her populist pitch, and whether we have the appetite for political dynasties now that Jeb Bush is also officially in.
  • As the city has finally recovered from the contentious issue of space savers, Mayor Walsh extends Boston city councilors a parking ticket olive branch. We get your take.
  • Bob Thompson sits down with us to talk about the Simpsons' divorce, Orange is the New Black's return and what's happening with the new Netflix Degrassi.
  • Reverends Irene Monro and Emmett Price sit down with us to talk racial politics from the Boston mother's taking a stand against violence to Rachel Dolezal's long racial con and, of course, Pope Watch. >>Read more here.
  • How guilty are you of RSVP fraud-- telling someone that you will be there even though you know that you don’t want to be there?
  • Shira Springer sits down with us to talk about Nike’s one-size fits all approach to gender quality and update us on FIFA and the women’s world cup.

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