Rome dispatch, Trump offers White House money, Charlie Baker weighs in on 2014 governor's race, and CNN's John King gives the latest from Washington, D.C.

BPR: Rome Dispatch; Trump Offers White House Money; Charlie Baker on Gov's Race; CNN's John King

March 12, 2013

Today on Boston Public Radio, Jim and Margery kicked things off with CNN Chief Political Correspondent John King. Then Jim and Margery took calls on Donald Trump's offer to pay for White House tours as the federal budget crunch drags on. Reporter Chris Livesay joined to talk about the papal conclave as the cardinals completed their first day of deliberations. Afterward, former gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker talked to Jim and Margery about the 2014 governor's race, for which he's considered a prime contender. The Globe's Ben Zimmer then talked about where Latin is still spoken — besides the papal conclave. And Joyce Kulhawik and Jared Bowen dropped by to discuss the latest film and theater offerings.

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