Should children hold or shoot guns under parental supervision? Jim and Margery debated this today on Boston Public Radio.

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BPR: RI Green-Lights Gay Marriage, Kids And Guns, One Fund Boston, Friday News Quiz

May 3, 2013
  • Jim and Margery asked callers to weigh in about how to best compensate victims of the Marathon bombing. Is it odd to assign specific values of money for each person who lost a limb in the bombing, and each family who lost a loved one?
  • Callie Crossley talked to Jim and Margery about Ben Affleck's new pledge to live on $1.50 per day, part of the "Live Below the Line" campaign. Callie also previewed her Sunday show.
  • On Thursday it was reported that a young boy accidentally shot and killed his sister. Jim and Margery asked callers if it's okay to buy guns for kids, or to show them how to hunt at a young age.
  • Emily Rooney talked about "professional mourners" in Copley Square, those at the Marathon bombing memorial who hope to get on television.
  • The Bay Windows and South End News publisher Sue O'Connell talked about Rhode Island signing gay marriage into law in the state.
  • For our Friday News Quiz, Father Tim Schenck and Rabbi Moshe Waldoks faced off for some interfaith trivia.

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