Do you get Sunday anxiety? Does the specter of work encroach on what should be a day of brunch and leisure? Jim and Margery opened the lines to hear from listeners about it.

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BPR: Politics, Sunday Blues, All Revved Up, Pledge Of Allegiance, Michael Pollan

May 12, 2014
  • For the Monday politics segment, Jennifer Nassour and John Nucci talked about the Mass. governor's race, and the Eastern Mass. casino process.
  • Do Sundays fill you with dread? Can you enjoy one of your two days off knowing you have to return to work Monday? Does the specter of work reign over your free time? Jim and Margery opened the lines.
  • The Revs. Emmett G. Price III and Irene Monroe were back for another All Revved Up. Price is an associate professor of ethnomusicology and the music industry at Northeastern University. Monroe is a syndicated religion columnist whose work appears in Bay Windows and Huffington Post. Price and Monroe talked about Michael Sam getting drafted, and Donald Sterling's CNN interview.
  • Massachusetts' highest court has ruled the words "under God" may be used in the Pledge of Allegiance in schools without violating a separation of church and state. Jim and Margery asked, Does this make sense to you? Are you okay with schools saying the Pledge? Does it abridge your religious beliefs?
  • Food writer Michael Pollan talked to Jim and Margery about a radical new act we all should embark on: getting back into the kitchen and learning to cook for ourselves. Pollan says, No more takeout, no more prepackaged meals. Pollan's book Cooked outlines his philosophy.

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