Margery and Jim are divided about the Thanksgiving television tradition.

Credit: John Minchillo / AP via NPR

BPR: Politics, The Pope, And Ray Rice

December 1, 2014
  • Charlie Sennott joins Jim and Margery to weigh in on international politics-- examining everything from Mubarak's murder charges and America's failure's in Egypt, to Pope Francis in Turkey.
  • Shannon O'Brien and Charlie Chieppo dig into politics as Governor-elect Charlie Baker puts together his administration, the deadline day for filing for an Olympic bid dawns, and the GOP backtracks on comments that the Obama daughters are "classless." [25:23]
  • The Boston Globe reports that new FDA sweeping rules will require menus and vending machines to feature calorie counts. We ask you if that will change how you order. [53:06]
  • Bob Thompson a recaps the best of Thanksgiving TV, TV shame, and gay adoption on Two and a Half Men. [1:19:38]
  • Reverends Irene Monroe and Emmett Price continue their conversation about Ferguson and their weekly Pope Watch, and weigh in on Ray Rice. [1:44:08]
  • Shira Springer circles back to the 2024 Olympics, discussing potential upsides for Boston, and continues the discussion about Ray Rice, then we ask you if you expect him to be signed by another team? [2:08:22]

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