Michael Sam played defensive end for the Missouri Tigers. If drafted by an NFL team, Sam will be the first openly-gay professional football player.

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BPR: Politics, Michael Sam, All Revved Up, Napping At Work, Sci-Fi Film Fest

February 10, 2014

Missouri defensive end Michael Sam told the New York Times on Sunday that he is gay. Sam is up for the NFL draft this year — by some accounts likely to go early in the draft — and announced his sexual orientation to stay ahead of pre-draft rumors and speculation. (Sam had already come out, privately, to Missouri teammates.)

Jim Braude and Margery Eagan asked callers whether it's time for more athletes to come out, if it's old news now, and whether Russia's LGBT policies indicate a need for further activism.

Dan Lebowitz joined Jim and Margery to talk about Michael Sam and gay athletes. Lebowitz is Executive Director of Northeastern University's Institute of Sport in Society.

Also on BPR:

  • Jennifer Nassour and John Nucci were the guests on Jim and Margery's Monday politics segment. They talked about the Mass. governor's race, and the controversy over the Mass. Department of Children and Families.
  • The Reverends Irene Monroe and Emmett Price joined Jim and Margery for Open Mic. The two talked about gun buyback in Boston, the expulsion of Carlos Henriquez, and Jerry Seinfeld's lack of diversity on his new web series.
  • Do you support napping at work? Jim and Margery opened up the lines to hear whether listeners would favor a pro-nap policy at businesses.
  • Garen Daly talked about the 39th annual Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival, which takes place from Feb. 7 - 17. For more information, visit the Sci-Fi Film Festival website.

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