The Guardian UK revealed this week that the National Security Administration has obtained extensive phone records of Verizon Wireless users.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

BPR: MBTA GM Beverly Scott, Chris Lydon On Bulger Trial, Mandatory Retirement, Building Genius

June 6, 2013
  • Jim and Margery talked about the news Thursday that the National Security Administration has been gathering information on Verizon Wireless users' phone calls and whereabouts. Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe joined the conversation.
  • Should there be a term limit or retirement age for politicians? Jim and Margery opened the lines.
  • Christopher Lydon, host of Radio Open Source, talked about James "Whitey" Bulger's trial.
  • MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott was Thursday's "Ask The" guest — and listeners called with questions about the T for Scott.
  • Innovation Hub host Kara Miller stopped by studio 3 to talk about generating genius.

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