Two soldiers compete in the 2014 Boston Marathon, which went off this year without incident. On Wednesday, a Senate panel heard reports on what could have been done to prevent the 2013 Marathon bombing.

Credit: Paul-W-Locke / Flickr

BPR: Marathon Bombing Hearings, Alex Beam, Matt Taibbi, Corby Kummer, Kara Miller

May 1, 2014
  • In front of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Wednesday, leaders of US intelligence agencies talked about whether the Boston Marathon bombings could have been prevented. Jim Braude and Emily Rooney — filling in for Margery Eagan — examined yesterday's proceedings.
  • Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam was back for his regular Open Mic segment. Beam talked about his latest column about an evolving definition of hell and eternal damnation, as well as the notion of "checking your privilege."
  • Former Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi joined Jim and Margery to talk about his new book, The DivideTaibbi argues that the US has criminalized its poor while repeatedly exonerating the super wealthy. Taibbi now writes for First Look Media.
  • Food writer Corby Kummer​ talked to Emily and Jim about how to justify the $100 meal, and briefed the two about the new Chestnut Hill Wegman's grocery. 
  • Kara Miller — host of Innovation Hub — talked about working from home. Should we all spend a few more days working remotely, or does office culture suffer?

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