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September 11, 2015
  • New York Mayoral candidate Jimmy McMillian famously ran on the platform that the “rent is too damn high." Meanwhile, in Boston, the middle class are getting priced out of the city. We ask you: is the rent too damn high in our city? What are the biggest issues faced by tenants, realtors, landlords, property owners and the state when it comes to housing? Could the answer to this be rent control?
  • Today marks the 14th anniversary since the 9/11 terror attacks. Ground Truth Project founder Charlie Sennott joins Jim and Margery to talk about the history of where it all began—back in 1993.
  • Fourteen years after the attacks on the World Trade Center, two iconic images still stand out: The inconceivable collapse of the World Trade towers and the image of Andrew Card leaning into the president during an appearance at a Florida elementary school to tell him that America was under attack. Andrew Card served as chief of staff to President Bush from 2001 to 2006. As a top adviser to the president, Card played a central role in developing the administration's post-9/11 intelligence strategies. Today he’s President of Franklin Pierce University. He joined Jim and Margery to tell the story of his experience during the attacks.
  • Callie Crossley is the host of Under the RADAR with Callie Crossley. She stopped by to discuss the New Hampshire gubernatorial race, the Freddie Gray trial, and the battle for the top spot on the Boston City Council.
  • Should junk food be taxed? Some day food with no nutritional value should be taxed, and legislators need to step up to stop obesity by cracking down on candy and sodas. What do you think? 
  • Emily Rooney joins BPR every Friday, in addition to hosting Beat the Press on WGBH. She goes through her famous list of obsessions and observations, including a hatred of Lobster roll-related news pieces and a few new positive aspects of the impending fall weather.
  • Desiree Davis Stolar and Nate Barbera, both graduates of Harvard business School, developed a magic potion to un-shrink shrunken wool clothes: UNSHRINKIT. The co-founders join Jim and Margery in studio to discuss how it all works, and to face off in our News Quiz.

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